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Brookings Advocates for Small Business (BASB) is a group of local citizens and business owners who work to promote a strong Brookings by advocating for a fair and private local business environment.

Of current concern to this group is a project first presented by South Dakota State University (SDSU) in October of 2009 known as the North West Quadrant Project. The current administration at SDSU has been moving forward with development based on a document called the Northwest Quadrant Mixed Use Development Feasibility Study.

While a strong SDSU is vital to the growth and success of Brookings, a strong and vibrant private business community is also critical. The project in full form calls for housing, retail, convention center, hotel, C-store, coffee shop, fitness center - and more. All components will be built on tax exempt state land and will compete with existing taxpaying Brookings businesses. This creates an unequal playing field as well as competition between government and private business. We believe this will alter the business and economic landscape in Brookings in irreversible ways.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Voice Your Concern to the SD Board of Regents


Brookings Advocates for Small Business (BASB) is starting a petition to bring the voice of the Brookings community to the SD Board of Regents and let them know that the NW Quad construction is not Business As Usual. 

BASB understands that a public/private partnership provides preferential treatment unfair to local businesses. BASB further recognizes that the public/private partnership proposed at the NW Quadrant will result in a loss of tax revenue negatively affecting K-12 eduction and city/county government funding, create unnecassary competition between government and private businesses, and result in either a reduction of services or an increase in taxes.

We strongly encourage the SD Board of Regents to oppose NW Quadrand project at SDSU in Brookings, SD.

To add your name to the petition, please visit and sign our online petition:
NW Quad Petition

You can also e-mail to get connected with a petition carrying BASB member:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Not Business As Usual

The SDSU NW Quadrant proposal may sound like business as usual for the University, but the fact is that a public/private student housing project as currently proposed for the NW Quadrant has NEVER been used at SDSU or in the State of South Dakota for that matter.   By that fact alone we should all take a minute to consider a new project like the NW quad and what the impacts might be (both positive and negative).
According to the SDSU Residential Life and Dining Services master Plan (p.33), In 2010 SDSU provided housing for 32.1% of its total enrollment which was the 2nd highest among its peer group of 15 institutions.   By contrast the University of Minnesota provided housing for 12% of its total enrollment.

Peer Institutions include:

·         Colorado State University                             
·         Kansas State University                                                
·         Montana State University                           
·         New Mexico State University                    
·         Oklahoma State University                           
·         Southern Illinois University—Carbondale               
·         University of Idaho
·         University of Montana
·         University of North Dakota
·         University of Wyoming                 
·         Utah State University
·         North Dakota State University  
·         University of South Dakota         
·         University of Nebraska – Lincoln
·         University of Minnesota – Twin Cities 

According to the SDSU Residential Life and Dining Services master Plan (p.33) Of SDSU’s 15 peer institutions only SDSU and 1 other school require both freshmen and sophomores to live on campus.  8 peers require only freshmen to live on campus and 6 have no residency requirements at all.

SDSU enrollment has decreased slightly:  According to SD Board of Regents Factbooks (2010 – 2013).  SDSU’s total unduplicated head count in Fall 2010 was 12,816; Fall 2011 was 12,725; and Fall 2012 was 12583.


According to the SDSU supplement document for the NW Quad RFP (p.1)  SDSU is projecting enrollment growth of  383 students by 2015.  Of that 383 student increase, 265 are projected to be freshmen/sophomores.

In the Fall of 2010 SDSU’s housing capacity was 3581.  By the Fall of 2013 with the completion of Jackrabbit grove (800 beds) SDSU’s housing capacity will be somewhere around 4757  (This does not include the possible NW quadrant).  That is an increase of 32.8% in housing capacity in just 3 years.

This means that SDSU is projecting an increase of 383 students on the main campus by 2015, but they are already increasing their housing capacity by 1176 beds by Fall 2013, not including the possible NW quadrant. 

·         SDSU is projecting enrollment growth through 2015 of 383 students.
·         Actual total enrollment has decreased for the last 2 years .
·         SDSU is 1 of only two universities in their 15 member peer group that require both freshmen and sophomores to live on campus. Others have less residency requirements.
·         In 2010 SDSU provided housing for a larger percentage of its student population than all but one of its peer institutions.
·         Between 2010 and 2013 SDSU will have constructed 1176 new beds, a 32.8% increase in housing capacity from 2010.  (The NW quadrant would be 300 more beds on top of this)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Town Hall Video and Power Point

On November 12th, Brookings Advocates for Small Business (BASB) held a town hall meeting regarding the SDSU NW Quad project. In attendance were well over 100 citizens who were looking for information on how this project would affect them and their community.

For those who were not able to attend but would like more information, we are including a link to the video as well as a link to the powerpoint presentation.

Town Hall Video, Highlights (10 min):


Town Hall Video, Full (1 hour, 20 min): 

PowerPoint Presentation:

Brookings Advocates for Small Business Town Hall Meeting Power Point Presentation

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

North West Quadrant (NW Quad)

In 2009, South Dakota State University began exploring options for development of land owned by the university. This project was detailed in a booklet titled "Northwest Quadrant Mixed-Use Development Feasibility Study."

In its full form, the 'NW Quad' development calls for many different components. Some expand on current university offerings, such as student housing. Other components expand into areas never before served by the university and which compete directly with private industry including senior housing, grocery store, fitness center, coffee house/cafe, convenience store, conference center, hotel, and more. 

This plan causes concern for several reasons.

1. BASB maintains a strong opposition to public entities competing with local businesses. We realize that any growth experienced through development by SDSU of the NW Quad will likely be offset by a shrinking of current business.

2. All new components proposed through the study would be built on public land and would not be responsible to pay any property tax which is critical to support K-12 Education in Brookings as well as local government and services.

3. Private business being forced to compete in this environment creates an uneven playing field and will almost certainly cause harm to existing (and tax paying) small businesses in Brookings.

BASB hopes to bring this critical issue back into the public discussion and to facilitate further discussion to ensure that SDSU and the Brookings community can maintain the positive partnership which has been fostered for over 100 years.

Monday, November 12, 2012

How to Get Involved

Your voice matters! Please voice concerns to the SD Board of Regents who have the ultimate authority to decide if projects like the SDSU NW Quadrant are implemented. 

South Dakota Board of Regents
306 E. Capitol Ave, Suite 200
Pierre, SD 57501-2545

Board of Regent Members

Jack Warner, Executive Director

Terry Baloun, President
Kathryn Johnson, Vice President
James O. Hansen, Secretary
Patrick Weber, Regent
Dean Krogman, Regent
Randall K. Morris, Regent
Carole Pagones, Regent
Randy Schaefer, Regent